Enhance Productivity and Safety for Your Business with Industrial Roll Up Doors

  • December 27, 2017

If you own a warehouse, storage facility, or industrial business, you probably realize the importance of safety, productivity, and energy conservation. Old doors to divide your plant sections or warehouse storage areas can be a hazard in more ways than one. That’s why it’s a good idea to replace your old doors with new, energy-efficient roll up doors. Here are some benefits and key features of roll up doors.

Easy to Use

One issue that’s often overlooked in manufacturing facilities is ease of use for the doors. Doors can be a hassle, especially those that swing outward or upward when opened. They must be held open or “held up” by some type of device or they could possibly fall or close suddenly on a worker or on your equipment. This can pose a threat to workers on the job every day without their realizing it. For instance, someone operating moving equipment such as a forklift could easily crash into an open door and get hurt or damage the products they are carrying.

With commercial rollup doors, workers can easily and quickly open and close the doors for a fast entrance or exit. This helps to improve productivity and prevent door hazards. When you replace your doors with rollup doors, you can choose the method of opening and closing such as manual push-up, chain, or motor operated doors.

Heavy-Duty for Protection

Rollup doors come in heavy-duty materials for protection against burglary, weathering, and on-the-job accidents. The doors usually come in materials such as steel, wood, or concrete to provide safety and insulation against cold and heat. Many rollup doors provide protection against dust or contaminants in the air for food processing plants or chemical plants. If you live in an area where there are frequent hurricanes or high winds, there are rollup doors that can withstand high winds and heavy rains.

Customized for Your Needs

Industrial roll up doors can be customized to meet your needs. A rollup door specialist can measure your door openings and create rollup doors to fit perfectly with your building. They come in many colors that are bright and easily recognized by workers, day or night.

Save Money with Commercial Roll Up Doors

You can save money on energy costs by installing insulated rollup doors. These can keep cold air in and hot air out during the hot months, and vice versa during the winter months. Another way to save money is by reducing the number of safety hazards for workers. This helps reduce injuries on the job, workers compensation, and insurance premiums. Rollup doors provide a safe alternative to other types of doors or sectional barriers.

Other Rollup Door Products

Even if you don’t manage a factory or warehouse, there are still many other uses for rollup doors. There are mini storage doors, roll garage doors, and self-storage doors to provide you with safe, convenient storage or garage doors.

With rollup doors, you can make life easier for your workers and enjoy a safer, more productive environment at your plant or warehouse. Check out the rollup door advantages and features online to see how they can benefit you.

A Buyer’s Guide to Industrial Panel PC

  • December 18, 2017

Technology is quickly advancing that choosing the best product to buy for a specific purpose can be confusing at times. Buying a panel PC is no exemption from this as this technology have come a long way since it was introduced into the market. Today’s panel PC systems offer several new features that will help modernize any working environment. It differs from a regular PC as it can be loaded with more tech features. That’s why we commonly see this technology in an environment that is highly automated and in various industrial settings.

However, choosing the best panel PC for your exact purpose can be hard especially if you are not familiar with it. In this article, we will discuss some of the important things that you should know when buying this type of computer systems.

Various sizes and mounting options
There are several options for panel PCs these days and of course, you can also choose from a variety of sizes. You must identify this beforehand as the size of the device is also determined by the location where it will be deployed. Mounting option is also another consideration. Try to ask first if your panel PC can be mounted on a wall or panel and whether you will affix it to a stand or embedded within an enclosure.

Enhanced performance
Panel PC systems are now being used by many industries to improve the efficiency of their business operations. With this, such devices are being equipped with several useful features for an improved performance and to be able to handle complicated tasks. For example, there are some customized panel PCs that incorporate failsafe automotive HDDs and SDDs or bootable storage media to improve data security and system reliability as well. There are also other systems that have flexible connectivity to connect to external peripherals like barcode scanners and other industrial units. All of these features improve the productivity within any working environment.

Touchscreen functionality
While a panel PC can function as a desktop computer, it also offer a more user-friendly technology in the form of a touchscreen. But there are a number of options for the type touchscreen technology that you can integrate in your computer and your choice will depend on where you intend to use it. There are two common options of touchscreens: resistive and capacitive. These two differs on how they detect input. With a resistive touch, it uses the pressure that is exerted by the finger upon touching the screen and it is commonly used in industrial settings. For the capacitive, it uses an electrostatic field and is usually used in settings that require accuracy and little touch pressure. With the touch screen systems, it help improve the productivity, accuracy, and real-time data sharing of any working environment.

Compliance to IP ratings
There are several applications especially in industrial settings where the device will be exposed to various elements and harsh conditions. These include the splash of water, dirt, dust, oil, moisture, chemicals, and other contaminants where it poses some potential damage to the device. With this, an IP or ingress protection rating is important. This international standard indicates the effectiveness of a panel PC in sealing out solid and liquid ingress. The highest rating is IP68 where it provides maximum protection to the device.

Cooling system
As panel PCs can be exposed to various substances that can get into its system, it can cause system failure as well. These unwanted elements can enter into the system through the vents during active cooling. If you are planning to use your PC in indoor locations without many contaminants, you can opt for a panel PC with active cooling. But if you’ll deploy it industrial or outdoor environments, you might need to invest in a fanless panel PC that is properly sealed to avoid such issues.

5 Industries You Should Invest in Now!

  • December 9, 2017

Investing in a small business or franchise—or even buying stocks in a company—is a smart way to increase your money. Investing in a business as the owner or a stockholder can result in big returns if the opportunity is right. There is always some level of risk with an investment, so how do you choose where to invest your money?

The good news is that there are a number of industries that are consistently making profits and increasing in size. There is no such thing as a sure thing in investing, but some of these lucrative industries are as close as you can get.

#1 Promotional Products

This $20 billion industry is an integral part of the business-to-business (B2B) market. Selling to other businesses is a great way to make money because businesses invest in products and services that help their customers.

The promotional products industry includes a variety of items that companies can use as rewards and incentives, apparel and uniforms, and swag for customers. Some of the offerings in the promotional products industry include:

Bags and totes
Corporate gifts and service awards
Water bottles

These are just some of the products that a promotional marketing company may sell to its B2B customers.

Opportunities in this field are varied. There are franchise opportunities with established businesses, or you can start your own business. You can even invest in the stock of a business in this huge industry.

#2 Real Estate

Across the world, some of the most wealthy people made their fortunes in real estate. Buying and selling property, primarily in urban areas, can be a real money maker. According to Forbes, 9% of the world’s billionaires earned their fortunes buying and selling real estate.

There are a number of ways to profit in the real estate industry. Flipping properties, though difficult, can be incredibly lucrative for someone who knows what they are doing. Some people become real estate agents and make commissions on every home they sell. Still others invest in a rental property or purchase entire complexes to sell or rent.

#3 Finance and Investments

It seems like a no brainer that working in finance is a great way to accumulate wealth. Experts in finance advise others on how to manage and grow their money, so they have the knowledge to help their own finances.

Another piece of this industry involves buying and selling stocks. Learning the ins and outs of the stock market is like learning a different language, but it has proven to be incredibly profitable. Companies that deal in finance and investments make their owners wealthy by making the clients wealthy.

Opportunities in finance and investments can be as simple as buying and selling stocks on your own, investing in a mutual fund or hedge fund company’s stock, or becoming a financial advisor for a career.

#4 Technology

Technology is an important part of everyday life, and new technology seems to be hitting the markets every day. Investing in technology does not mean you have to have a great idea for the next big thing. You can invest in the technology industry by buying stocks in an existing company or investing in someone else’s good idea.

#5 Food and Dining

It is no secret that Americans love to eat, so the food and dining industry is a good one to invest in. Investment opportunities in this industry are many and varied, including everything from fast food to fine dining.

The restaurant industry is tough to break into, but it can prove to be extremely profitable when it works. Some savvy entrepreneurs start their own restaurants and others buy franchises of existing successes. Either way, putting money into the food and dining industry can be a real moneymaker.

When you are considering investing your hard earned money, make sure to do thorough research on the industry in which you are investing. Always be on the lookout for opportunities that fit your needs, and you can invest in some profitable enterprises.