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Myofascial Massage: A Guide

Myofascial massage is a unique massage therapy that aims at lengthening body’s muscles and connective tissue to reduce pain caused as a result of soft tissue disorders. The people who experienced myofascial release for the first time leave when they completely different. For one to understand the myofascial release mode of action, you have to understand what fascia is. Each muscle group or fiber of the muscle tissue is covered with facial tissue. Since fascia is tough and elastic, it ensures that the muscles are well protected and lubricated for smooth gliding. In this form of massage, the masseur focuses on the myofascial’s function as a muscle lubricant. Myofascia allows muscle fibers to move easily within their associated muscle group. It also enables the muscle group to move smoothly against other body muscles and structures. Myofascial massage release is ideal for those individuals who have undergone fascial or muscle injury. It may also lose its lubrication capacity and become more adhesive hence binding muscle fibers to each other. Some of the symptoms of shortened fascia include muscle spasms, muscle pain and tension. The pain and tension is then distributed all over the body.

With myofascial treatment, the fascial tissue begins to function properly as the muscles heal at the same time. The fascia is also stretched and lengthened to its proper size. Myofascial release specialists begin the therapeutic process by diagnosing the area of the body that has been affected. Once the specialist touches you lightly, you will feel some pain. The practitioners will not administer any treatment until they can tell where the pain is coming from. They stretch a limited area by just applying minimal force by use of only two fingers and wait for the fascial to relax. The masseur has to wait for the myofascial tissue to relax before applying extra force to maximize the stretch a bit further. The other parts of the affected tissue undergo similar treatment procedure. No one can administer this therapy alone. You should feel comfortable once undergoing this form of treatment. It is not painful to ensure that the sore areas are treated effectively. Some patients have become used to pain in such a way that they cannot tell in particular where the pain is coming from. You should not worry, however, if you go for myofascial release. If you want to go back to normal pain-free life, you need to consider going for myofascial release. Myofascial massage can also make your upright posture to be much improved. If you want to lead a pain-free life with flexible mobility, you have to undergo myofascial massage.

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