4 Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

Child custody arrangements are legal agreements dictating parents’ responsibilities to their children. There are two types of custody: physical and legal. In legal custody, the parent has the right to make legal decisions for the children. In physical custody, the parent has the right to have the children in the home. Both custody types have different options, and most agreements can be modified to suit the children’s needs. Even in cases where parents amiably separate, it is important to have an attorney’s help during child custody proceedings.

Attorneys Know What to Expect

Child custody attorneys know family law, and they know what to expect from other involved parties. Preparedness is a valuable asset, and an experienced attorney can provide the most favorable results.

Lawyers are Skilled Negotiators

The ABA (American Bar Association) reports that only about 5% of child custody cases go before the court. Therefore, the parents determine custody arrangements through negotiations between themselves and their respective attorneys. Having a skilled lawyer is crucial, as it protects a parent from losing their rights. Child custody attorneys are familiar with state law, and they will tirelessly negotiate in the client’s best interest.

Courtroom Confidence

If a case does go to court, an attorney should know how to fight for a parent’s rights. These attorneys are confident because they have the information needed to support the client’s claims, and they can easily answer judges’ questions using supporting evidence.

Help Setting up Child Support

Top child custody lawyers have a focus on issues related to child support. A lawyer can ensure that the support received is enough for the children, and they can also work with parents to ensure they’re not overpaying. Without an attorney’s help, a parent may pay too much or not get enough, depending on his or her situation.

In trying to gain a beneficial custody arrangement, an attorney demonstrates that they care about the client and his or her children. Family law experience allows lawyers to understand that custody can be contentious, but it is important to work toward a fair resolution. Family attorneys with Maynard Cooper fight for the client’s rights and ensure they get what they deserve, while protecting the children’s interests.