How to Create Quality Content

To create quality, informative, useful content for a target audience (centered on relevant keywords with high potential in terms of SEO), the internal resources of your company will have to be solicited. People must think about their publication pace. How many new pages/articles will the company publish each week, who will write these articles, etc.? Being realistic about investing the time needed to produce this content is fundamental; otherwise, there will be no content creation and the overall SEO effort will fall flat, without meeting expectations. Hiring search engine optimisation consultants can make a huge difference.

An interesting solution may be to train yourself or one of your employees so that you can internally manage SEO tasks (writing content optimized for SEO, setting up the necessary tags, monitoring statistics, etc.), with minimal supervision from an SEO expert. This will allow companies to limit their costs, especially if their budget is not scalable. Only 20% of the traffic sent by Google is linked to brand names. Know that 80% of traffic comes from editorial content, and only 20% is generated by the keywords related to the brand and the business.

Editorial content are pages with informative and interesting text. Each page must be created around a theme centered around a keyword (and there is a statistical science behind choosing the right keywords) and then optimized (appropriate HTML tags, etc.). The importance of this content is centered around its proportions to the website itself. It has to be precise, thematic and informational. People will come to your website by typing in certain keywords that are related to the topic of the company and for which it has published specific and optimized pages.

From an SEO perspective, focusing mainly on its brand and the name of the company (or brand) is not profitable. Developing a long-term content strategy that will give the website a much higher profile is the smartest move. If a person sells houses and they want to increase traffic, he or she may want to use keywords like “buy castles in …” or “Victorian homes for sale in …”. That is considered a huge step in the right direction towards reliable visibility.