Why Hire a Probate Lawyer?

Probate lawyers are licensed attorneys who have a deep and complex knowledge base that allows them to help executors and estate beneficiaries as they settle an estate. Virtually everyone will eventually have a situation where they will need the help of a probate attorney to help them protect their assets and property. If people fail to set up their estate before they pass away, their beneficiaries won’t have any guidance as to how the estate should be divided. However, people who work with an experienced probate lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law will not have this issue. They will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing what will happen to their estate after they are gone.

The Right Executor

The probate lawyer helps clients choose the right executor. The executor needs to obtain a grant of probate in Singapore before they are legally permitted to disburse money from the estate to the beneficiaries. Generally, it is best to opt for an executor who is a relative or very close friend. The executor’s job is simply to make certain that the decedent’s final wishes are met according to the terms of the will. They won’t make independent decisions about who inherits what.

The Probate Lawyer’s Role

The probate lawyer will act as a personal representative for the deceased. They will help the executor in many ways. This includes finding and securing the deceased person’s assets, obtaining property valuations based on date of death, filing necessary documents as required by Singapore probate courts, filing for and collecting proceeds from any life insurance policies, handling retirement accounts, and helping with the payment of any outstanding debts the decedent may have had. The lawyer is also extremely valuable as a mediator in some cases, as there may be disagreements among the beneficiaries who are named in the will. The probate lawyer can work with each of the people involved to help them better understand the terms of the will and how those terms will be implemented. People who have a probate lawyer will make it much easier for the people that are left behind when they pass away.