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Principles of Taxation in Ancient India


As defined in Wykepedia Dictionary taxes are ‘compulsory charges levied by a government for the purpose of financing services performed for the common benefit’. In the words of Mill, taxation is “the condition of the existence of governments”(Principles of Political Economy). There is no denying the fact that no government can function without incurring a …

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Do You Pay Taxes on a Structured Settlement?


Sell Structured Settlements Sometimes if a claimant is a case for a large sum of money, the defendant, the lawyer for the plaintiff, or consult a financial planner in cooperation with the settlement, the payment of the settlement in installments over time rather than an amount. Where arrangements are paid in this way is a …

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Important Aspects of Expat Taxes and Cross Border Taxation


An expatriate tax is levied on citizens who cease to be residents of their own country and have settled themselves in foreign lands. The annual income which is coming from various sources is calculated by the country which gives them the first citizenship and according to those norms laid down by the country the citizens …

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How to File Back Taxes


In many cases, you will need to file back taxes before you can resolve other issues with the IRS. While nobody sets out to get behind on their taxes, this happens to millions of people every year. Although never fun, there are many things you can do to file back taxes with a high degree …

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The Government Has Authorised Banks to Facilitate The Tax Payers to Pay Taxes Online


The term income tax or wealth tax is not new and finds its origin in ancient times. Studies show even in primitive communities taxes were levied on income either in form of direct taxes like trading of merchandise, on land, poll tax or in form of indirect taxes like custom duties on wool, leather and …

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